Benedict Cumberbatch Appreciation Post

"But mostly, I feel, compared with Cumberbatch, like someone going through existence with the contrast dial turned down. To him, it seems, everything is neon bright. The barbs may sting more sharply, but his sun must shine that much brighter.” - Stuart McGurk, British GQ (x)

July 19th, 1976

Happy 38th Birthday, Benedict!

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Merlin/Arthur S4 deleted scenes

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Who are you?

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Merlin 10 Caps Per Episode: The Drawing of the Dark (5.11)

Merlin 10 Caps Per EpisodeThe Drawing of the Dark (5.11)

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Uther’s reactions while Arthur is fighting tournaments {requested by merlination}

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I will never be like her.

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morgana + s5 promos

I grew up.

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